Quebec Jour de Paye Winning Numbers - October 11, 2012

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Category Prize* Odds Of Winning
6/6 $2,000 per 2 weeks for life** 1:1,947,792
5/6+Bonus $10,000 1:324,632
5/6 $1,000 1:11,194
4/6+Bonus $100 1:4,478
4/6 $50 1:320
Bonus Number $2 1:6

*The total amount payable for prizes in a category is limited to $2,700,000 per draw. If this limit is reached, the prize amounts will be determined in proportion to the number of winning selections in the category.

**The jackpot consists of $2,000 per 2 weeks for life or a one-time lump sum payment of $675,000. Only an individual aged 18 or over and residing in the Province of Québec can claim $2,000 per 2 weeks for life. If for the same draw there are more than 4 winners for the 6/6 category these winners can only claim a lump sum determined by the applicable prize structure.

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Game Highlights
  • Quebec Jour de Paye is available only in Quebec
  • Win up to $2,000 every two weeks for life
  • Select six numbers from 1 to 36 for $2
  • Odds of winning a prize: 1 in 5.9
  • Draws are held every Thursday
How to Play
  • Quebec Jour de Paye is available only in Quebec
  • For $2, you select 1 set of six numbers
  • Play mulitple Quebec Jour de Paye selections on one ticket.
  • Play Quebec Jour de Paye by Quick Pick or Selection Slip.
  • Ask for a Quick Pick or select six numbers from a field of 1 to 36 
  • Play Multiple Draws. Tell the Retailer how many draws you want or mark the number of draws on the Selection Slip. 
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