Atlantic Salsa Bingo Winning Numbers - July 04, 2022


N31 G53 B06 G46 G47 O64 I21 G58 I22 B08 B14 G54 O75 N39 N45 B02 G51 G50 I20 G57 G60 B01 I30 N34 B13 I16 I23 I18

Other Atlantic Salsa Bingo Draws in July, 2022
July 03, 2022
Jul 03
I17 N42 G50 B02 B06 B03 I21 G47 O66 O71 N38 N37 G59 B15 I19 B12 N34 I16 O75 N44 N39 I24 B13 O69 I29 N45 O65 I26
July 02, 2022
Jul 02
B07 I26 N36 I25 O75 N44 G60 G49 O72 N34 O65 B11 I17 N43 B14 N42 G59 N39 N40 O71 I23 I21 O69 B05 N45 N31 G51 O63
July 01, 2022
Jul 01
B14 I20 G51 G60 I27 I23 G57 B10 O70 I26 O63 O66 I19 N41 O75 G54 G50 O74 N37 I25 N45 I29 G47 G52 N34 O73 G55 O72
Prizes/Odds of Winning
Match Odds/$2 Play Odds per Card Winnings
Big X + 2 or more lines 1:130,210 1:260,419 Jackpot*
4 lines 1:53,010 1:106,020 $2,500
Big X + 1 line 1:17,006 1:34,012 $1,000
Big X only 1:3,312 1:6,623 $400
3 Lines 1:1,921 1:3,842 $250
2 lines 1:84 1:169 $10
1 line 1:5 1:10 Free Ticket
*The Jackpot is shared equally among all winners in this prize category.
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Game Highlights
  • Atlantic Salsa Bingo is available only in Atlantic Canada
  • Every night 28 Salsa Bingo alphanumeric winning combinations from the letter B-I-N-G-O and numbers one to seventy-five (1 to 75) are drawn
  • Just $2 per ticket
  • Purchase up to 10 draws at a time
How to Play
  • Atlantic Salsa Bingo is available only in Atlantic Canada.
  • No selection slips - just ask your retailer for an Atlantic Salsa Bingo ticket
  • The lottery computer will randomly select 2 Salsa Bingo cards
  • You can win by on both cards
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