Western PayDay

Winning Numbers for January 2013
Date Number Western Extra
17 Jan 27 42 43 61 3754396
10 Jan 02 29 47 73 6684835
3 Jan 06 35 53 68 3627990
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Provincial Lotteries

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Payout Table
Winning Selection Prize Category Prize Odds/$2 Play
Match 4/4 $1,000 A Week For Life $1,000 A Week For Life annuity or single cash payment of $675,000* 1:1,353,275
Match 4/4 $50,000 $50,000 1:676,638
Match 4/4 $20,000 $20,000 1:338,319
Match 4/4 $1,000 $1,000 1:169,159
Match 3/4 Any Prize Category $25 1:309
Match 2/4 Any Prize Category $2 1:6.2
*For each PAYDAY draw, if there are five or more Match 4/4 Winning Selections for the $1,000 A Week For Life prize category, the annuity prize and the single cash payment prizes of $675,000 will not be available, and each prize in that prize category will be paid as a single cash payment determined by dividing $2,700,000 by the number of Match 4/4 Winning Selections for that prize category for that draw. If there are joint holders of a winning ticket or Subscription Certificate (which includes a Subscription or Certificate for a group of players), the holders are entitled to receive the single cash payment prize. Annuity prizes are not assignable.
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Number Frequency
Time Period
Game Highlights
  • Western PayPay is available only in Western Canada
  • Win up to $1,000 a week for life
  • Select four numbers for $2 and receive 14 additional Quick Pick Selections free!
  • Pick four numbers from 1 to 77 or choose Quick Pick
  • Draws are held every Thursday
How to Play
  • Western PayPay is available only in Western Canada.
  • For $2, you select 1 set of four numbers and the ticket terminal will add 14 additional Quick Pick Selections to your ticket as follows:
    • 2 Selections for the $50,000 prize category
    • 4 Selections for the $20,000 prize category
    • 8 Selections for the $1,000 prize category
  • Play mulitple Western PayPay selections on one ticket.
  • Play Western PayPay by Quick Pick or Selection Slip.
  • Ask for a Quick Pick or select four numbers from a field of 1 to 77 
  • Play Multiple Draws. Tell the Retailer how many draws you want or mark the number of draws on the Selection Slip. 
Add-On Games
  • You can also play these games with Western PayPay.
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