Quebec Lotto Poker Winning Numbers - May 31, 2020

Other Quebec Lotto Poker Draws in May, 2020
May 30
2D 4S 5H 7D 9H
May 29
2S 3C 8H 10D QH
May 28
May 27
3D 5H 5C 8D JH
May 26
3H 3S 5D JH KH
May 25
2D 4C 4D QH QC
May 24
2S 4D 8S JD KS
May 23
5D 7C 7D JH AD
May 22
2C 3C 9D QC AS
May 21
4C 6D 7D QC QS
May 20
3C 3S 6C KS AS
May 19
2S 5D 7S 8H 9H
May 18
4S 7S 10H JH JC
May 17
3C 4D 10C JH AC
May 16
3D 6D 6S 9D 10D
May 15
4C 6C 6S 9C 10C
May 14
2C 5H 5S 8H KH
May 13
3D 5S 8C KS AD
May 12
4S 6S 7C JC KH
May 11
4S 5H 6H QS AS
May 10
2H 3S 4C JH AS
May 09
3S 4C 8C 8S 9C
May 08
2S 5D 8S 9S 10D
May 07
May 06
2D 4C 6S 7S AD
May 05
4S 5S 7D 9H KH
May 04
4D 10H 10D 10S JS
May 03
4S 6S 9C KH AC
May 02
5C 7S 9C JS QD
May 01
2D 6C 6S 9D AH
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Lotto Poker Is...
  • Lotto Poker is a new lotto game that features two ways to win: an instant win poker game and a traditional lotto draw in which lotto numbers are replaced with playing cards from a 52-card deck.
  • Win up to $5,000 instantly with a winning poker hand!
  • Win up to $100,000 on the lotto draw!
  • Available in Quebec only.
Game Highlights
  • Traditional lotto numbers are replaced with playing cards.
  • No poker knowledge or skills are required to play.
  • $2 per play.
  • Quick Pick play only.
  • Each $2 Quick Pick randomly chooses five cards from a standard 52-card deck.
  • Hit a winning poker hand and win up to $5,000.
  • Your cards are dealt on the customer display screen for you to view.
  • Five winning cards are drawn nightly. Win by matching 2, 3, 4 or all 5 cards.
  • Draws are held daily. Tickets are sold daily until 9 p.m. (Eastern Time).
2 Ways to Win
  • Watch the customer display screen. The five cards from your ticket are dealt in an animated fashion on the customer display screen for you to view.
  • You win instantly if the cards on your ticket form a winning poker hand as per the instant win prize structure.
  • Five winning cards are drawn nightly. Match the cards drawn to win. See the lotto draw prize structure for details.