Quebec La Quotidienne 3

Winning Numbers for March 2015
Date Number Quebec Extra
2 Mar 7 0 7 6291238
1 Mar 9 0 4 5275107
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Provincial Lotteries

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Payout Table
Prizes/Odds of Winning
Type Of Wager Winning Selection Prize Per $1 Wager Odds
Exact Order Your selection bears the 3 digits of the winning number in the exact order $450 1:1,000
Any Order Your selection bears the 3 digits of the winning number in any order and includes:
3 identical digits (e.g. 111) $450 1:1,000
2 identical digits (e.g. 112) $150 1:333
3 different digits (e.g. 123) $75 1:167
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Number Frequency
Time Period
Game Highlights
  • $0.50, $1, $2, $5 or $10 per play
  • Match the three-digit number drawn to win.
  • Straight Play and Box Play available.
  • Draws every night
  • Available only in Quebec.
How to Play
  • Play mulitple Quebec La Quotidienne 3 selections on one ticket
  • Play Quebec La Quotidienne 3 by Quick Pick or Selection Slip.
  • Ask for a Quick Pick or mark one digit (from 0 to 9) in each of the three columns on up to five boards and indicate if you want Straight Play or Box Play for each board played
  • Determine how many consecutive draws to play (up to 28 draws, starting with the current draw) and the amount you want to wager on each selection per draw ($0.50, $1, $2, $5 or $10)
  • In the box provided, mark either Straight Play or Box Play
Add-On Games
  • You can also play these games with Quebec La Quotidienne 3.
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