Atlantic Shabam Winning Numbers - August 24, 2016

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Prizes/Odds of Winning - Nightly Draw
Match Winnings* Odds
5/5 $15,000 1/501,942
4/5 $1,000 1/3,042.1
3/5 $5 1/95.1
2/5 $1 1/9.2
Prizes/Odds of Winning - Instant Game
Match Winnings* Odds
Randomly Generated $20 1/4,000
Randomly Generated $10 1/666.7
Randomly Generated $5 1/100
Randomly Generated $1 1/16.7
*For each dollar wagered

For each ALC draw, ALC may limit the total amount payable for prizes in the ‘Match 5 of 5’ winning selection (Prize level 1) to $100,000. If the limit is reached (or exceeded) for that prize category, prizes payable in that category will be determined by dividing the total prize amount payable for the category ($100,000) by the total number of winners for the category.
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Game Highlights
  • Atlantic Shabam is available only in Atlantic Canada
  • Win two ways - instant ticket and nightly draws
  • $1 per play for one set of 5 numbers
  • Available only via ‘Instapik’
  • Draws are held every night of the week.
How to Play
  • Atlantic Shabam is available only in Atlantic Canada.
  • For $1, you get 1 set of 5 numbers.
  • Play Atlantic Shabam by ‘Instapik’ only
  • Each $1 play is eligible for both an instant win at the time of purchase and for the nightly draw. Watch the customer display screen, it will let you know if you won or not by displaying your results on the screen. If you won, the terminal will also congratulate you with a ‘Woohoo ShaBam!’
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